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The student teacher plans instruction based upon knowledge of the subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals.

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Artifact 1

Brief Description of Evidence:
This artifact is a picture of two pages in my weekly lesson plan book. This specific week was later in the semester after I had taken over all subject areas so there are detailed lessons for Spelling, Reading, English, Accelerated Math, Saxon Math, Science and Social Studies. Every lesson was planned out with enough detail so that in case of an emergency a substitute would have enough general information to teach for the day. The assignments that correspond to each lesson are also provided, along with supplemental activities and discussions.
Analysis of What I Learned:
At first it was weird to use the lesson plan book. Never having planned for more than one lesson at a time, it was a different experience planning out just one subject for an entire week, let alone multiple subjects. Once I got into the habit of using it though, it really became my third arm at school. I really loved having a plan easily accessible on my desk for a reference. It allowed me to check lessons and times at a moment’s notice. It was also extremely handy to have it filled out for the week on the few instances where I had to miss school. With the lessons and assignments already planned out, it took very little time for me to create plans for a substitute teacher.
How This Artifact Demonstrates my Competence on the INTASC Principle:
This artifact shows my ability to create daily and weekly plans. In planning lessons, I brought in knowledge about the previous week’s lessons, the material which needed to be covered that day, the state standards, and of course my students. With guidance from my classroom teacher, I was able to create lessons which followed the plan set it place for the semester, using the classroom textbooks as a guide. I was also able to make adaptations to the plan as needed to accommodate the individual student needs in my classroom. This artifact demonstrates that I am able to plan instruction based upon knowledge of the subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals.